9 Warning Signs You Need To Check For Cancer

9 Warning Signs You Need To Check For Cancer

Many people live with cancer without knowing that they are sick ,many people become aware when cancer has been metastasized, Goo news is that when people become aware early that they have cancer due to early diagnosis ,they can live longer.

Noticing signs and symptoms of cancer will help you to get early treatment and the prognosis will be good, noticing one of the following symptoms doesn't mean that you have cancer but you have to be alert and seek medical help so that they can help for early diagnosis.
Warning signs of cancer

1. Unexplained weight loss 

Unintentional weight loss without a known reason, this means there is something not going well in your body,you need to seek medical attention,in the rare case, this may be the early sign of cancer.

2. Fatigue

Feeling very tired many time like when you are exhausted, cancer growth mainly use many body nutrients so that they can use all large portion of its nutrients .that cause your body not to get enough nutrients for energy.

3. Fever

Fever is a common symptoms for a lot of disease but recurring fever can be a signs of cancer ,a fever that happens mostly at night and you have no signs of infection ,this may be an indication of cancer.

4. Pain

Pain is  another symptom for many health illnesses ,fortunately many of them are not cancer but persistent pain can be a warning signs for cancer .mainly while it is accompanied with a tumor or a mass in your body.

5. Skin Changes

Skin Change also may be an indicator of cancer ,yellowish discoloration of skin may indicate that something is not going well inside ,jaundice(yellowing of skin) is possible symptom of cancer .

6. A lump anywhere on your bod

A Lump may be an indicator and possible symptoms of cancer, when you have a lump you need to seek medical help,they will help you to know the cause of that lump.

7. A sore that doesn't heal

if you have a sore that does not heal,this a possible common symptom of cancer, wound or sore that doesn't heal may be a signs of diabetes (high blood sugar in blood ) also this may be a sign of cancer.

8. Changes in Bowels

Many cancer patient report change in bowel mainly related to your diet and fluid.

9. Unexplained Anemia 

Anemia is a condition in which you have low number of hemoglobin,Hemoglobin is one of the component of red blood cells that carries oxygen,so low hemoglobin may be a sign of cancer

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