7 Health Benefits of Caffeine you didn't know



7 Health Benefits of Caffeine you didn't know

 With High energizing effects,Caffeine has become part of our daily routine ,we consume many products containing caffeine such as Creamy Lattes ,tea and smooth cold brews ,wherever you are caffeine is part of your daily food you consume.

Effects and benefits of caffeine  are not only providing energy ,it also have great impacts on the body and mind ,caffeine helps us in a lo of body activities .

In General caffeine is body stimulant nutrients that stimulate central nervous system .caffeine is naturally found in plant including coffee berries ,coffee beans ,tea leaves ,and cocoa beans.

US Food and Drug Administration recommend 400 milligrams as a safe amount of caffeine to be consume by an adult per day .it is about 4 cups of brewed coffee.

Health Benefits of Caffeine

Here are some health benefits of Coffee

1.Memory enhancement

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In a study done in 2021,and was published in the journal of nutrients ,it was revealed that low dose of caffeine can improve memory and cognitive capacity .which may due to its capacity to bind to adenosine receptors as well as its neuro receptive benefits.

In another study published in the journal of Neuroscience &Behavioral Review ,it was said that caffeine 'effects on memory might depend on individual age and sex and his/her memory capacity.

A lot of  research  are being done but it true caffeine has great impact on memory boosting and performance.


2.Eliminate Free radicals in the body

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 Caffeine  has antioxidants effects like Vitamin C ,caffeine has capacity to eliminate and neutralize free radicals ,due to its  capacity to fight free radicals ,caffeine promote health ,it protects our skin from ageing and it protects the body from cancer .


3.Increase Exercise Performance

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Caffeine is considered as a stimulant that elevate your physical energy and performance ,caffeine activates neural circuits and in turn ,the release of Adrenaline 

Adrenaline dilates blood vessels and this increase blood flowing and oxygen coming in the brain increases,all these has effects of increasing overall athletic performance.

4.Provide lower risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus 

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Different Studies done has revealed that Caffeine is linked to reduced risks of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus due to its ability to preserve the function of beta cells found in pancreas ,which are responsible for producing insulin that regulates blood sugar level.

In addition ,Caffeine contains antioxidants that may affect insulin sensitivity ,infammation and metabolism .

5.Help you to lose weight

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Some research said that higher consumption of caffeine is associated to decreased body fat especially in men and also another study reported that people who consumed coffee were more likely to be physically active ,all these can promote weight loss.

6.caffeine help you to stay focused and alert

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Moderate Consumption of caffeine help your mind to focus and stay  alert ,caffeine is known for people who want to spend long time focused on one thing with full mind ,caffeine increase brain stamina so that you can not be easily exhausted .

7.Associated with lower risk of premature Death

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As shown by Many studies ,People who consume caffeine have lower risk of premature death with the rate 25% compared to people who don't drink caffeine.


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