9 Best food Recommended for New Mother and Breastfeeding mother


9 Best food Recommended for New Mother and Breastfeeding mother

Being a new mother is the best thing that can happen in your life ,but lack of breast milk may be the worst situation that can happen ,here are best food Recommended for New mother and breastfeeding mother that help you to speed your recovery after delivery, to promote breast milk production and to restore overall well being.


Especially green vegetables are rich in different vitamins good for for your health and also contain minerals that are essential for health promotion.

Nutrients found in
vegetables promote quick recovery and enhance breast milk production.

Vegetables you should eat are green vegetables ,tomatoes ,Brocolli ,cerely ,carrots etc.....

2. Fruits

As a new mother ,fruits are needed for your health ,they are packed with essential nutrients such vitamins and minerals .

Fruits help your body to recover fast and they protect from post partum infection by boosting your immunity.

Fruits you must are Bananas ,avocadoes ,watermelon ,apples ,mangoes etc....

3. Whole grains

Whole grains supply in your body energy needed for body recovery ,they boost your body immune system .

Without enough energy ,your body become weak ,any infection in your body become severe due to weakened immunity.

Food in this category you can eat are wheat bread ,brown rice ,etc....

4.Food rich in proteins

In general proteins give your body the power to heal and to construct itself ,without protein your body will not get raw materials for its repair..

Proteins promote quick recovery after delivery ,they help your mammal gland to produce quality breast milk.

As a new mother do not miss food containing proteins in your plate .

Proteins containing food are meat ,sea food ,fishes ,peas ,beans ,soy ,milk ,etc....

5. Milk and its derivatives 

Whole milk ,yoghurt and cheese contains minerals and vitamins you can not find in other food .

They also contain probiotics and amino acids that are needed by your body.

Milk helps to stimulate breast milk production in abundance.


Eggs contain choline that is needed by your body for quick recovery and milk production.

Also eggs are
packed with vitamins and proteins that are essential to your body overall wellbeing.

7.Iodine mineral

Iodine are mineral needed by your body especially in thyroid gland.

Without Iodine ,there is no production of Thyroxine ,your body become weak ,your immune system fall down ,and also
you can not get enough breast milk to feed your baby.

Food containing iodine are sea food ,cabbages etc.....

8.Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty needed by your body ,they promote your recovery after birth ,they enhance production of quality breast milk ,in general they are needed by your body for better functioning.

you can find Omega-3 in fishes ,blueband  etc....


As a new mother and as a breastfeeding mother you have to drink too much water .

Water restore hydration status after loosing too much blood during delivery ,water give your body strength and relieve you from stress .

By drinking enough water. ,your breast milk will be produced in abundance ,without enough water in your body ,your body will not produce enough milk to feed your body.

Water also work as natural cleansing agent ,water help your body to eliminate toxins .

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