9 food that boost brain Performance and Function

9 food that boost brain  Performance and Function

The brain is the highest consuming body organ that use a large portion of body nutrients including glucose for energy, vitamins and minerals for better performance and cognitive function,also brain needs a large amount of water for its function.

Starved Brain becomes fog, and without the required nutrients for brain function and performance, people develop many health issues including depression, mental health problems, weak mind, reduced cognitive capacity, difficulty lol learn new things etc.....

In this article ,there are 9 healthy food that are crucial to brain health and performance 


Avocado fruit provides healthy monounsaturated fats that help in blood flow to the brain.

With adequate blood flowing in the brain , the brain gets enough oxygen , and nutritious nutrients that help in it's better performance and improve cognitive function.


About 80% of brain ,it's water,water plays a major role in brain function,brain without water develop brain fog ,fatigue ,slow reaction and reduced thinking capacity.

You should drink water for your overall health and for your brain , without enough water in your body ,there are many health issues .

3.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate helps in production of endorphins ,also it helps in brain concentration and improve your focus .

Dark chocolate contains flavonoid that helps in brain cognitive function improvement, Dark chocolate contain small amount of rafined sugar so it's a good choice for brain.

4.Fish (salmon and Sardines)

Fishes contain Omega-3 fatty acids ,these reduce brain ageing.

Expert advise us to eat fishes as you can not get Omega-3 elsewhere easily other than fishes.


Broccoli are great source of vitamin K ,it is advise to give younger children as well as adults broccoli as they are the best in improving cognitive function and memory.


Eggs contain choline that helps in memory improvement and brain boosting .

Eggs contains proteins and other vitamins that are essential to the body ,you should take eggs but for people with Gout don't.


They provide high level of antioxidants and vitamin E that protect neurons and protect you against brain ageing.

It is reported that they are also rich at zinc and magnesium that are essential to good mood .


Turmeric contain antioxidants that help brain to increase oxygen intake ,by doing so they prevent brain ageing.

9.Green vegetables.

Green vegetables are great source of vitamins including vitamin E that protect brain against ageing and also they are rich with folate that improve memory capacity.

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