More about PolioVirus recently found in Mozambique

More about PolioVirus recently found in Mozambique

Mozambique Health officials have identified a case of polio,that case was found in north eastern in Tete province.

It's the second time in this year in Africa ,after an polio outbreak found in Malawi in February 2022.

This case found in Mozambique ,is a child who manifested some symptoms later this march ,the genomic analysis showed that it is similar to Poliovirus found in Pakistan 2019 and in Malawi February 2022.

World health organization (WHO) said that this case found in Mozambique didn't affect Poliovirus free certification because this is indigenous and It is less severe and not dangerous to general population.

Poliovirus free certificate was issued to Africa in August 2020 as there was no outbreak of polio for longtime.

Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director said that It is a good time to support African governments to step up carrying out large scale effective vaccination campaign in order to control and fight this outbreak.

In Rwanda ,all children get vaccines against polio after birth ,vaccines against polio are recommended by WHO as one of the safe and effective vaccine to be administered to young children.

Polio outbreak is deadly and it leaves long term complications ,without early treatment and effective and efficient health care ,it is deadly.

Immunity left by vaccines was found to be important and very effective in protection against polio in mass population ,that's why WHO is encouraging countries to put efforts in mass vaccination campaign.

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