Polio: causes ,signs and symptoms and prevention

Polio: causes ,signs and symptoms and prevention

 Polio is a disease caused by poliovirus ,it affects mainly brain and spinal cord ,it's infection can to serious life threatening muscle paralysis of body.

In late 20 years ,polio has been reduced ,countries gave up on mass vaccination ,North and south America including Western Pacific Countries were declared polio free.

Signs and symptoms of Polio

Signs and symptoms of polio are

3.nausea and vomiting
5.occasionally neck and back stiffness 
6.less than 2% develop severe muscle weakness

Death occurs in 1 to 5% of infected children while in adult patients  is 15 to 30%

Mode of transmission

1.Eating food prepared by infected person 
2.drinking untreated contaminated water
3.contact with infected body fluids
4.Close contact with objects or surface touched by infected person
5.inhaling or ingesting droplets from infection person while he /she is coughing or sneezing

Its Diagnosis

Based on signs and symptoms ,Doctor recommend to take laboratory test in order to rule out the disease .

Incubation period

Incubation period refers to time interval between infection and onset of symptoms ,so it is 7 to 14 days but it can varies depending on person health status .


1.wash fruits and vegetables before their consummation
2.don't drink unsealed bottled water
3.Before drinking tape water ,make sure they are boiled.
4.Hygien of food ,drinks and materials used in cooking and eating
5.Wash hands before  and after eating
6.Clean your hands after toilet ,even they are not visibly dirty
7.Avoid eating street food 
8.Get vaccinated

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