Prostate cancer : Symptoms ,Risk factors ,and its causes


Prostate cancer : Symptoms ,Risk factors ,and its causes

Prostate cancer is one of 10 leading types cancer worldwide ,it begins when cells in the prostate gland start to multiply in uncontrolled manner , prostate is a gland found only  in males  ,it makes fluid that is part of semen.

Prostate cancer only affects men  as they are the one with prostate ,without early and proper treatment ,its prognosis is very poor.  man age 50 years and more should have regular check up of prostate cancer.

Causes of Prostate cancer

Currently there are no known causes for prostate cancer ,what is known is different thing that increase the  risks of prosate cancer

Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer


Research have found that prostate cancer develops more often in African Men and in Caribbean men of African ancestry than in men of other races.


At age of 50 years prostate cancer risks increases but it can be found in men of 40 years but rarely.

3.Family History

With family history of prostate cancer ,you have more risk of getting prostate cancer than those without family history of prostate cancer.


Inherited mutated genes run in family increase  the risks of  developing prostate cancer ,but they can account for small percentage.


Most Studies found no link with prostate cancer but some research revealed that smoking causes increased risk of dying from prostate cancer 

6.Chemical Exposure

Exposure to certain chemicals increase risks of getting prostate cancer

7.History of Sexual Transmitted diseases

Research found that some sexual transmitted disease like gonorrhea and chalmyidia might increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Signs and Symptoms for Prostate cancer

1.Needing to urine more frequently
2.Difficulties in starting to urinate
3.taking longtime while urinating
4.Weak flow urine
5.Feeling that your bladder did not empty
6.Blood in urine or in semen
7.Erectile dysfunction
8.Painful ejaculation
9.loss of bladder control

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