The Scary Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore When You Have a Stomachache


The Scary Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore When You Have a Stomachache

 In early stage stomach cancer don't show any signs ,you feel bloated ,sometimes you feel abdominal pain but many people think that ,that pain is associated with another reason .

Most Stomach cancer are no t found until they have grown fairly large /or have been spread to other part outside the stomach ,with advanced stage of stomach ,the prognosis is very poor ,you'll likely die because of it.

Hence there are different signs that will warn you about stomach cancer ,if you don't ignore them ,you can save yourself from stomach cancer and seek medical help as soon as possible.

10 Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer  you should not ignore

1.Loss of appetite

it all starts with poor appetite ,you don't want to eat even if it is your favorite food with this you have to think what might be causing this.

2.Unintentional weight loss 

is your weight falling down without your intention? many patients with stomach cancer reported unintentional weight loss ,even if they didn't their lifestyle.

3.Abdominal pain

Many patients with stomach cancer reported abdominal pain ,,sometime they feeel bloating in their abdomen followed by intense pain in abdominal 

4.Discomfort in the epigastric area

Epigastric dicomfort may indicate stomach cancer ,even if it can not be cancer ,epigastric discomfort will tell you that there s something wrong in the stomach ,so you have to seek medical help.

5.Heartburn associated with indigestion

Indigestion is associated with many gut health issues ,whatever the issues are with indigestion associated with other signs ,you have to thin what might be causing that.


Feeling nauseated is very common in patients with stomach cancer ,persistent nausea associated with other gut issues  ,you have to think and take immediate action.

7.Vomiting blood

Due to stomach cancer ,you may vomit blood or no blood ,it all depends on how cancer has damaged your stomach .

8.Abdominal distention

Abdominal distention may indicate that cancer has spread outside the stomach but it may also be associated with other causes such as heart problems ,liver problems and kidney problems.

9.Passing stool associated with blood

Stool mixed with blood is an indication of stomach ulcers/wound secondary to effect of stomach  cancer.

10.Severe Body weakness

Feeling tired always without known cause may be associated with serious body problems ,you should seek medical help ,if you feel tiredness.

11.Yellowish of the skin

yellow discoloration of the skin may indicate that cancer has spread to liver ,jaundice(yellow discoloration of skin ) indicate liver malfunction .

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