Uganda about to Start its Own Cancer Drugs Manufacturing




Uganda about to Start its Own Cancer Drugs

The Government of Uganda say that they are going to manufacture their own cancer drugs ,Cipla Quality Chemical Industries under BUBU initiative are the one to produce anti cancer drugs to patients who need cancer therapy.

Cipla Quality Chemical industries is one of the top chemical industries specialized specifically in the production s of medical Drugs including Anti Retroviral Drugs (ARVs ) since 2017

Also this Company is in manufacturing of these drugs ,antimalaria drugs called coartem containing artemisinin amd lumefantrine ,texavir and zentair.

The Executive Director of Cipla  ,Mr John Kamili said that they have broadened their scope to include the manufacture of cancer drugs 

He added that they partnering with Ministry of Health in order to increase  the production of cancer drugs due to their increase in demand

The manufacturing of cancer Drugs in Uganda will not only benefit Ugandans alone ,also they will have great impact in east African country specifically in Health Sectors .

In 2018 ,it was Reported that uganda had 32.000 new case of cancer and 21.000 have died due to cancer and the total number of 56,238 people were living with cancer.

Uganda Cancer Institute recorged 7.000 new cases ,10% of them were children ,the  first cancer killing many people in uganda is Cervical cancer with annually death toll of  2.500 ,the second is prostate cancer .

The other cancer are Kaposis Sarcoma ,Lung Cancer ,and bone cancer ,cancer treatment are costtly ,this production of cancer drugs is believed to reduce the cost so that the cost of treatment will be affordable to lower class people.

The Director of Cipla told  New Vision ,the cost of cancer drugs made in Uganda will be free of charge as the government will buy drugs and with the help of health care providers ,they will be distributed to patients who need them.

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