Why Boys/Men Fear Beautiful and Smart Girls?

Why Boys/Men Fear Beautiful and Smart Girls?

In general, men/boys are afraid to flirt / flirt with beautiful and Smart girls and those who dare to tell this girl that they want a relationship or a lasting relationship are few.

1. Fear of going through and appearing a little smart in front of them

Studies have shown that there are a number of reasons why this may be the case, but it is also important to note the reasons why we are not going to discuss it in this article.

A good girl is a girl who seems to have great dedication and beauty, someone else who is seen by many as a healer and whose wisdom and skill are reflected in her daily activities and in her eloquent speech.

Here's why men/boys are afraid to date a beautiful and talented girl.

In all the studies conducted it is common for the following reasons

Men may be afraid that they may look like idiots, or that people may have ideas that are less than the ones they are trying to seduce, which may make them afraid to approach them to prevent them from going through them.

2. These girls are so small that everyone thinks they have been caught

The number of beautiful girls And the number of experts is so small that it is difficult to find a girl like this without a boyfriend or a boyfriend, so you find that many are afraid to approach them to seduce them.

so there are times when everyone thinks that the girl was arrested and maybe not even a boyfriend.

3. Men / boys think that good girls have a hard time and they never let you down.

studies have shown that such girls are beautiful and intelligent, many people think that they are difficult in terms of allowing you love but that is not the case when you dare to approach him you may be able to win him over.

4.People think that such girls love money

This is a mistake many young men make, thinking that beautiful girls love money and have married men who respect them, so it is difficult for them to allow you love while you are looking for a life.

5. Pride

some of these girls have a bad sense of pride, which makes people take it for granted, and that would put them all in the same basket of pride.

Men hink that ,Dating Beutiful and Smart Girls is like fighting a battle while you are aware that you will not win that war ,bu it's not the case .many girls of these types are loving and caring.  dating them is like dating any girl 

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