9 Easiest and Fastest ways to lose weight naturally

9 Easiest and Fastest ways to lose weight naturally

Being overweight is a health-threatening situation as it is associated with many health problems such as heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, etc.... trying every possible way to lose weight and to maintain a normal weight,  is good advice you can get.

Many people try different methods of losing weight but they failed in their way, a proper way is to stick to your goal of reaching to normal weight and remain there.

many people will encourage you to try different pills and diets to help you lose some extra weight, but they are missing an essential part in this journey of sticking to your goal and visualizing what you and doing what is necessary to reach your goal.

There are 9 naturally ways of losing weight  including

1. Eating Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables help in weight loss
Fruits and vegetables are poor in calories and rich in fibers, which make them a good choice to your meal plan, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are needed by your body to function optimally.

Fibers found in vegetables and fruits, make you feel full and reduce your urge to eat, so the quantity of food you eat are reduced.

2. Drinking Plenty of water

drinking plenty of water will help you to lose weight

Drinking water is a good choice for those who need to shed some weight, your body needs plenty of water to function well, without water you became dehydrated, after drinking water  , your belly became full ,t so the food you eat are reduced.

3. Being Physically active

Exercise help you to lose some weight

Exercising provides an optimal way of losing weight, by doing exercise your body uses stored calories, excess calories are stored by your body as fats, exercises exhaust your body so that your body uses stored fats and calories,

With routine exercise, you will lose weight but you have to be careful about the food you eat after exercising as you may increase your weight. you have to lose more calories than those you eat.

4. Eating your Regular meals

don't skip your meal

Eating your regular meal will help you to get calories and essential nutrients, and your temptation to eat o eat unhealthy food and snacks will be reduced.

In your journey of losing weight, you do not have to starve yourself, starving will create other health problems so you have to eat a healthy diet.

5. Concentrate on food high in fibers

As we have seen in these articles, fibers make you fell full and keep you full for a long time, fibers are found in food based on plants such as vegetables and fruits, for example: whole grains .spinach, avocadoes, beans,  lentils, bananas etc..

6. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink

alcohol helps to increase weight not to lose weight

Consuming too much alcohol is like eating a piece of chocolate  .alcohol contains too much  calories, alcohol will help you to increase your weight not to lose weight 

7.Have Written Meal Plan 

written meal plan as a strategy to lose weight

Meal plan will help you to control what goes in your pate , with high amount of animal-based food in your plan  ,certainly, you will fail,you have to stick to plant-based vegetables.

8. Take enough Sleep

sleeping help you to lose weight

According to Research, People who don't take enough tend to eat more compared to people who take enough sleep ,sleeping at least 8 hours will help you.

9.Drinking Green Tea

green tea

Green Tea is known to helping weight loss strategy, some studies show that that it help to speed up calories body use.


losing weight is long term strategy , there are no harmful ways of reducing weight in short time without causing  other health problems, you have to have goal and to stick to that goal ,reduce amount of unhealthy snacks you eat and don't starve yourself for quick results.

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