Causes of Mysterious liver disease in children were identified by Scientists

Causes of Mysterious liver disease in children were identified by Scientists

Scientists in UK have identified the likely causes of recent mysterious liver disease in children as the lack of exposure to two common viruses such as adenovirus and newly linked adeno-associated virus 2 .

This new research discovered that lack of exposure to these 2 viruses during covid-19 lockdown accelerated the lack of body immunity of young children against those virus and this increased the chances of children becoming severely ill with acute hepatitis.

In studies published by two teams on Tuesday, one from the University College London and another team University of Glasgow, they said that lockdown restrictions prevented children to be exposed to these viruses and these lead to missing out on early immunity.

More than 1.000 children in 35 countries have developed an unidentified type of severe acute hepatitis or liver inflammation.

The majority were children under 5 years of age , adenovirus was believed as the cause of this mysterious liver disease.

The findings and theories among some health experts show that covid-19 lockdown restrictions reduced public immunity to common illnesses as people are exposed to germs, their bodies create immunity to fight those germs.

Lack of exposure to those viruses caused the lack of immunity against those viruses as the body didn;t recognize those viruses before, this caused the children to become severely ill when they got an infection from that two virus 

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