Many studies point to Wuhan Market as the origin of Covid-19


Covid-19 origin

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the origin of this virus remained unclear , many scientists suspected that it originated from China, especially in the Wuhan market where the first covid-19 cases were found.

In June WHO (World Health Organization ) started a collaborative investigation in order to find out the real origin of this pandemic. many studies done did not give a clear and understandable conclusion about the origin of covid-19.

According to Two papers published in the Journal of Science, on Tuesday, it was clear that this virus came from animals sold at the Wuhan market in late  2019.

These papers underwent 5 months of peer review and revisions, they were investigating if the virus came from laboratory leaks or in animals sold in the market, the authors acknowledged that , there are many unclear things that need deep investigation most notably which animals were involved.

What they strongly believe is that this outbreak is zoonotic ( transmitted from animals to humas ) many people believed this coronavirus pandemic originated from lab leaks. and this theory was taken as a conspiracy theory.

Chinese scientists have denied the possibility of lab leks as the origin of the virus,In the Wuhan market, animals known as reservoirs of Coronavirus were sold there such as bats, monkeys, snakes etc.....

The scientists who wrote these two papers believe that the origin of this novel virus came from this Wuhan market, the virus started in people of this market and later it was spread to a local community of Wuhan.

Coronavirus is a threat to human being ,many people lost their lives because of this pandemic, and many lost their jobs, it caused a great disturbance to human history.

Due to strong protective and preventive measures, this pandemic slowed down , and people resumed to their normal daily activities but still there were many consequences of this pandemic to face.

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