Marburg Virus was Found In Ghana ,What to know about this Outbreak


Marburg  virus Disease

Ghana confirmed the first case of the Marburg outbreak, Marburg disease is a disease caused by a fatal and highly infectious virus similar to the Ebola virus disease.

Two People in Ghana, who were unrelated, died from illness after experiencing symptoms ranging from diarrhea to fever, nausea, and vomiting, according to WHO.

Health officials from Ghana Who are working closely to limit the spread of outbreaks, they giving education about the disease to local communities ,and they are implementing various prevention measures.

The health officials who are monitoring the outbreak said it;s highly unlikely the Marburg virus, which is not spread via airborne particles and droplets like covid-19 would make its way to western countries.

What is Marburg virus disease?

Marburg Virus  disease  is caused by the Marburg virus , a genetically unique zootic  virus,

This disease is also known as hemorrhagic fever and refers to a condition that affects many of the body's organ systems , damages the cardiovascular system and kill the body's ability to function on its own .

According to CDC ,Bats are the primary carrier of this virus, it was first discovered in 1967.

How does Marburg Virus Spread ?

The current outbreak from Ghana is believed to be transmitted to people from bats , and it can also be transmitted via direct contact with feces .body secretions and urine.

it can also be transmitted from person to person via direct contact with blood and other body fluids.

Symptoms of Marburg Virus disease

According to WHO .there are different symptoms including 
Muscle aches

According to WHO ,In many cases ,patients develop severe hemorrhagic signs within 7 days and case fatality rates range from 24% to 88%  depending on virus strain and case management.

Treatment for Marburg Virus disease 

Currently, there is no vaccine and no cure for Marburg Virus disease , patient found to have Marburg disease is given supportive therapy only/

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