Us Officials Plan to extent vaccination campain against Monkeypox Virus


Monkeypox disease

On Tuesday The Department of Health and Huma Services announced that they extending vaccination against Monkeypox Virus as they will be available to anyone with presumed exposure to the virus in addition to individuals with known exposure who are already being immunized.

The secretary of the Department of health and human services said that " within days of confirmed cases of monkeypox, in US, they quickly began deploying vaccines and treatment to help American Public and to limit the spread of the virus.

He continued, that while monkeypox shows the minimal risk to most Americans,we are doing whatever it takes to make vaccines and treatment against monkeypox available and affordable to everyone ainly those who are vulnerable to the current outbreak.

The department of Health and Human Services also Said " they will release 56.000 doses of vaccines of JYNNEOS Vaccines immediately with an additional of  240.000  being made available in coming weeks, they expect to have 1.6 million doses of vaccines at the end of this year.

They said vaccines will be available to the individual who have close contact with someone who was confirmed to have monkeypox disease and to men who had sex with men who had recently had multiple sex partners in an area where there are known monkeypox cases 

Areas with the highest cases of monkeypox will be prioritizedDroplents , Jynneos vaccines are one to be given but ACAM2000 vaccines are being made available but they are not recommended to everyone as they show significant side effects 

According to CDC, Monkeypox viruses were first found In the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1958 ,the first human case of monkeypox virus was found in 1970. , monkeypox disease is  caused by the monkeypox virus 

Signs and Symptoms of Monkeypox disease

There are different signs and symptoms of monkeypox  including 
  • headache
  • fever 
  • muscle pain
  • chills
  • body weakness
  • body rashes

Transmission  route

Monkeypox is transmitted via 
  • Direct Contact with body fluids
  • respiratory droplets
  • Prolonged contact with an infected animal
  • it is believed also to be  sexually transmitted but there is not enough evidence to support it 

How is it treated?

Currently, there is no exact Treatment,Doses of Smallpox was found to improve symptoms if started very soon after a person is infected 

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