US President Joe Biden tested Positove for Covid-19


US President Joe Biden tested Positove for Covid-19

Office of the White House said that President Joe Biden Tested positive for Covid-19  on Thursday  and is experiencing mild symptoms  and also White house said as new variants of the highly contagious virus  are challenging the nation's effort to get back to normal after two and half a  year of pandemic disruptions.

White House Secretary Karine Jean Pierre said Joe Biden has begun taking Paxlovid (an antiviral that reduces the severity of the disease and combats covid-19 ) , he isolated himself at The White House but he is continuing his duties .

AS reported by Dr. Kevin , Biden's personal Doctor,he said that the president is showing the following symptoms including runny nose , fatigue and dry cough

Biden tweeted that he is doing great and he thanked everyone for his /her concern and he also added that he wa keeping himself busy.

President Joe Biden now is 79 years old , he is fully vaccinated  ,he has mild symptoms as they were reported ,there is no signs of severity.

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